“Dr. Schwimmer is a dedicated, compassionate and highly trained physician. He has provided invaluable care for myself and my family, and I recommend his services highly.”

— Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)
Laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize

“Meet Dr. Joshua Schwimmer! Dr. Schwimmer is a nephrologist and internist practicing in the Upper East Side. He’s exactly the kind of specialist Sherpaa loves to work with. He’s got a remarkable personality, a highly analytical mind, a mission to make healthcare better, and he’s far more tech savvy than us.”

— Dr. Jay Parkinson, CEO of Sherpaa

“He is an excellent doctor and listened to what you had to say. He went over all your problems in an easy to understand way and gave solutions to them. His use of technology to facilitate things is definitely a big plus. I highly recommend him.”

“The entire experience was very pleasant from the moment I walked in the door. The women at reception were helpful and courteous. Dr. Schwimmer saw me 15 minutes early which was really nice. We spent about an hour and a half with him building a very complete medical history and he took notes during the whole process. He was attentive and asked me about all aspects of my past and current health. He was able to give me all the information I needed and asked for. I highly recommend Dr. Schwimmer to anyone looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and thorough doctor.”

“Joshua Schwimmer is a kind, funny, knowledgeable GP who is very organized and listens well. He keeps good records, is easy to get in touch with, uses information technology efficiently, and runs an efficient office. Highly recommended.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is kind, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. He is really pleasant guy who actively listens, and skillfully deals with all the administrative stuff that goes along with medical care much easier, which makes me feel a lot more confident. Highly recommended.”

“I'm very grateful to have Dr. Schwimmer as my primary-care doctor.  He is thoughtful, friendly, unpretentious, and a very good listener.  His alert response to the results of a routine test helped me enormously.  Finally, I should note that he has excellent relationships with the specialized physicians he works with.  I recommend him without reservation.”

“Great doctor. Very knowledgeable, very approachable.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is a meticulous physician. He believes in preventive medicine and I'll never forget when I first went to see him and he asked so many questions about my family history and treated me accordingly. This to me is called preventive medicine. He has lowered my blood pressure from 165 over 83 to a regular reading of 116 over 65. I would recommend him to the world and especially to healthy people so they stay healthy.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is great and so is his beard.”

“Dr. Schwimmer was excellent. I was very pleased and confident of the care he provided.”

“I have already recommended him and all are very satisfied.”

“I started seeing Dr. Schwimmer about a year ago because of my very high blood pressure that I had to take 4 different medications to keep my blood pressure under control (that was prescribed by other doctor from Los Angeles). The medications brought lots of inconveniences because of side effects which made my life hell.  But after my first visit with Dr. Schwimmer, because of his positive attitude and professionalism, everything has changed for me. Through his supervision, I started getting back to my daily exercise and eating healthy which made me feel more positive and energized to the point that I now take one very low dose medication and my blood pressure is pretty much normal and I feel great. I need to mention that it's very easy and fast to contact Dr. Schwimmer at any time by email and his response time is unbelievably fast. I really appreciate Dr. Schwimmer's life changing help and advice, and I strongly recommend him.”

“I am so happy to be back with Dr. Schwimmer. Because of an insurance change, I had to unfortunately stop using this excellent doctor--However, I just changed my job and can use him once again. He is thorough, caring, and patient. He listens carefully and remembers what you previously told him. His office is efficient and helps out with the necessary paperwork. I strongly recommend this wonderful doctor.”

“Dr Schwimmer is my jam. I've been seeing him for 18 or so months for kidney issues. He was the first doctor to see my when I was hospitalized (thanks to my PCP). From that moment, he has done nothing but his utmost to make me fully healthy with care, thoughtfulness, humor and kindness. We happen to share a love of gadgets, all things Apple and coffee. In fact, we shared a small cup in my last appointment. Nobody likes being ill, but Dr. Schwimmer makes getting well an okay process. :-). Always thoughtful and attentive. And he has been available to me via email when things were difficult and I was away from NYC. He is the most accessible doctor I have ever had.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is available to me via phone, e-mail and even via text. I am grateful for him.”

“Could not be better. We talk about me, my health, and we talk about medicine as well as I'm a veterinary specialist.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is caring, accessible, knowledgeable and approachable. I would, and have, recommended him to friends.”

“Joshua Schwimmer is a very trustworthy, professional doctor with empathy, outstanding bedside manners, & medical knowledge.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is an oustanding physician with whom I have the utmost trust and respect.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is one of the best doctors I've ever had. I've already recommended him to others.”

“Dr Schwimmer is an exceptional care provider. He takes the time to review  past notes. Asks appropriate questions in a sensitive way and provides excellent explanations.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is fabulous in every way, professional and personal. He is terrific. He explains carefully and with great consideration — I have complete faith in him.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is always very helpful.”

“Dr Schwimmer has taken a mutually-exclusive/collectively-exhaustive approach to solving my host of medical concerns. He is not only an excellent nephrologist, but a deeply caring and reachable primary care physician as well. On top of providing me care in his field, he had a world-renowned endocrinologist on the phone within minutes to discuss my concerns. He also did not hesitate to involve a gastroenterologist as well. Finally, his phone calls to discuss test results and next steps inspire confidence like no other medical care interaction I've had.”

“I gladly recommend Dr. Joshua Schwimmer. His care and dedication to the wellbeing of his patients is undeniable. I am so grateful for him.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is caring, shows concern, doesn’t rush you and is very respectful and professional.”

”He’s a great listener and wants to get to the root of the problem. Thanks Dr. Schwimmer.”

“The best in all aspects.”

“Always happy to receive a nice cup of coffee from my doctor.”

“Dr Schwimmer is a first-rate MD.”

“You are an amazing doctor that truly cares about his patients. You make your patients feel like you really care about their health and their well-being. You have most definitely chosen the right field. May you always be blessed while you bless others.”

“Joshua's clinical background and extensive involvement and interest in the cross-section of healthcare and technology have provided us with great mentorship here at Doximity since our launch.”

— Jeff Tangney, CEO of Doximity

“I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Schwimmer. I had an annual review and the visit was relaxed and very comfortable. He is extremely professional and you get the sense that he is listening to you without feeling rushed. I can't say more. I feel a sense of relief that I found Dr. Schwimmer.”

“I credit Dr. Schwimmer with saving my life. I have been a patient of his for 6 years and was impressed with his knowledge and the attention he gave me during my regular visits to check on my kidney stones. Last year, during a routine ultrasound examination, a large mass was discovered. Although it was a Friday before a long weekend, Dr. Schwimmer immediately sprang into action and organized blood tests and the following day had me undergo a CAT scan to try to identify the problem. Within a week, after undergoing surgery, I was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, thanks to the work and expertize of my doctors I am now cancer-free and in good health. Because of that ultrasound, my cancer was detected at an early stage and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Schwimmer.”

“I had been looking for a doctor in NYC since moving from London last year but it was a daunting task. I finally approached Dr Schwimmer based on other reviews and after seeing a videoclip featuring him. From the first minute the consultation felt like I was having a genuine chat with a good friend. He is methodical with great attention to detail and puts you right at ease. Most importantly he listens to you and explains everything without the condescending attitude you get from some doctors. There is no question that he knows his stuff. He is a modern doctor who espouses technology and you can tell he is the kind of doctor who will remain on the leading edge of his chosen profession which he loves. He has energy but at the same time there is a calming sense from being around him. I feel fortunate to have found him. In a single word he is ‘Awesome’.”

“Dr. Schwimmer was friendly and thorough during my general checkup. Never felt rushed or uncomfortable. Felt like a partner. Looking forward to next appointment. Structure of appointment as follows: 1. Introductory chit chat: showed legitimate interest in my lifestyle, work, and background. Shares my enthusiasm for technology (in addition to medicine). 2. Discovery: The 'how are we feeling today?' phase. Asked thoughtful targeted questions to help discover the rare, 'well, doc, there is one other thing...' 3. Examination: Ran specific diagnostics based on discoveries and suspicions. 4. Analysis: Dispelled myths. Prioritized immediate needs. Established action plan. 5. Action: Wrote prescriptions. Printed referrals and facts about conditions. Administered vaccines. Set timeline and dates for test results and follow up appointment. Total face time: 1.5 hrs.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is not only a Nephrologist but also a regular doctor. I've never met anyone who loved kidneys more than this guy. Seriously, he's like one of those doctors who loves his job. He's a super smart guy, very thorough, will answer any question, and overall, I just like him.”

“Dr. Joshua Schwimmer is the most accessible doctor I have ever dealt with. The ability to reach him via email and have him respond in a very timely manner is wonderful. He is a very caring doctor and I feel fortunate to have met him.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is among the most accomplished, thoughtful, and kind physicians I have known. I would refer my family members to him without hesitation.”

“I've been going to Dr. Schwimmer for about 15 yrs now.  He is wonderful.  He is knowledgeable about the kidneys and puts me at ease whenever I stress about how my kidneys are functioning. He's easy to talk to and always calls me back right away if I have any concerns.  He's got all my history on his laptop and it's comforting to know he cares so much.  A doctor that really listens and cares!  Amazing!”

“This is an excellent doctor, exceptional listener who remembers my medical history.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is excellent in skills, explanation & communications.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is one of the best in the field of Nephrology. I've been seeing him for the last 8-9 years. He is easy to communicate with. He uses all electronic media to get 24/7 access. I always receive a response  withine 24 hours of my questions. He is always very composed and focused. I love Dr. Schwimmer.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is an excellent, caring physician.”

“Provider was pleasant, patient & listened to my concerns seriously & respectfully. I felt heard & very much a partner in my own care. I did not feel rushed and felt this provider sees me as a person, not just a medical case.”

“Total confidence in his care.”

“Dr. Schwimmer was great. Careful, inspired confidence.”

“The doctor, staff & office are absolutely excellent. He saved my life.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is a very caring and understanding man. He listens very well and makes you feel comfortable and confident that you will be okay. He is an excellent physician and I have recommended him to plenty of people already.”

“Dr. Joshua Schwimmer gets the highest recommendation possible!”

“Dr. Schwimmer has always spent as much time discussing my medical needs as necessary. I’ve never felt rushed.”

“Dr. Josh is top-notch. He explains things to you so that you can understand. Very nice. Very kind. Very comfortable to deal with.”

“Best doctor ever.”

“Dr. Schwimmer is the only Dr. that brought my pressure down!!!!!”

“Doctor is the best.”

“Excellent. The first visit and he was very much what I had heard from others.”

“His bedside manners are beyond the scope of practice in medicine. He demonstrates professional medical knowledge in all aspects during patient examination, reviewing labs, medications with side effects. I am more than grateful & satisfied with his healing hands.”

“This doctor is by far the best doctor whom I have ever seen.”

“He's a wonderful, empathetic MD.”

“Very happy to have found Dr Schwimmer. He is very thorough and compassionate.”

“Dr. Schwimmer has taken on the role of a prominent doctor who has previously provided me care for decades.”

“I’ve recommended Dr. Schwimmer to quite a few people already. Great physician and even greater personality.”

“Confidence very high. Travel 100 miles to see him.”

“Great bedside manner! Dr. Schwimmer is very knowledgeable, friendly, easy to talk to and listens to everything you have to say. Answers all your medical questions and never makes you feel rushed. He is always reachable and quick to respond. An excellent doctor that I highly recommend.”

“Never rushed and explained everything.”

“Dr. Schwimmer knows his stuff. Excellent doctor and very nice man!”

“Dr. Schwimmer's attention to detail and the material he gives you to take home and read is excellent.”

“I have enjoyed such wonderful care from you! I never thought nor have i ever had the kind of patient/doctor relationship, access and true caring that i have enjoyed with you since our beginning ten years ago. Your professionalism and your communication (no matter how small the matter) and willingness to respond gives me great comfort.”